Friday, June 8, 2012

New Toy

We picked up a new toy the other day.  It is used, and was really dirty.  She had so much fun spraying it off with the hose in the sun.  I keep hinting that we need to unscrew that huge Dora off the side of it.  I am not the biggest fan of everything being super commercialized.  She already watches way too much tv.  Knows every word to every Calliou episode.  Alas, my dear daughter loves to feed the Dora, and give the Dora hugs.  Dahlia is such a hugger.  

{fake food}

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four Years

It feels like I have been working on this afghan for four years. It has been the most time consuming project of all time.  Now that I am at the border, it gets harder and harder for me to want to push through.  The border is all white, and the lack of color is less exciting.  I hope it looks semi-decent when I am done.  I said it would be for Dahlia's room, but...I kind of want to play with it first.  We shall may be an octagon shaped mess when it is completed.   

{the never-ending afghan}


In other was my four year anniversary today.  I woke up  to Dahlia running in the room, JR following, with a bouquet of purple flowers that they went out to get for me. JR had a coffee in hand for me.  Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers and coffee ready to go the second I wake up.  I also got to sleep in which was nice!  Especially since JR has been working so much at the marina.  JR's job is perfect for him.  He works on a marina at a lake.  There is a beach ("beach" on a lake...but who cares) maybe 200 feet from where he works.  Dahlia and I have been going there to make sand castles and play in the waves.  She is getting more comfortable to the idea of floating in water, and kicking. 

{my flowers}

Sneak Peak: My Life

Life has been crazy.  Have done much soul searching.  Decided to come back to blogging.  We are out of my in-laws basement, and I am still inspired.  I was worried that my creativity would simmer down after I was once again exposed to sunlight and daily chores.  It hasn't.  I am still inspired daily.  Something quite radical popped up in my life since I moved out..Pinterest.  Of course everyone now is obsessed with this amazing social network.  It is pure genius.  I am still addicted to my favorite blogs.  I am still addicted to my favorite magazines.  I am addicted to creating, and learning DAILY.

Over and out...