Monday, August 22, 2011

Creative Space

So in awe of these images of creative spaces.  It is also obvious to me that organization is key to having hobbies.  As I continue to try new things with my hands,  I also acquire more things that need their own special place.  I have knitting needles, yarn, art supplies, and fabric strewn all over my basement.  I have a few hiding spots for it to keep it out of reach of my 18-month old.  Always a difficult task! 

New Project Alert!

I have been growing a little tired of painting this week and am ready to tackle a new project.  I stumbled across Ida Interior Style and fell in love with her crochet imagery.  I am going to try my hand at a granny square afghan. Tried working on my crochet skills last night, it has been a couple years.  Once I can master the stitches necessary for my pattern I will post some pictures of what I am working on.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sewing Guide

Now that my mom and I got my Janome sewing machine up and running perfectly, I am eager to try making a pattern for my next project.  While perusing the Book Corner today I noticed Threads Sewing Guide sitting in the craft section.  It is the perfect guide to helping me learn how to sew almost anything.  It starts with the basics and builds your skill up from there. I am so excited to use this information and make something wearable.

New Fall Essie Colors

With names like Power Clutch, Glamour Purse, Lady Like, Case Study, and Very Structured, these colors hit all the right color notes for the Fall. I can see the perfect time and place for all five of them.  I cannot wait to get my hands (and nails) on these!

Wood Floors

Some of my favorite images from Design*Sponge today.  On Monday's they highlight other people's homes and living spaces.  This is one of the best days to go to Design Sponge, next to the DIY day.  Below are some the most inspirational to me.  Take note of the gorgeous wood flooring and the gorgeous pink lighting above the dining table.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taking a Moment

I just wanted to admit how freaked out I am about the future.  Being on our own again after almost a year of non-stop help from my in-laws is a little scary.  Sometimes it makes it harder to feel like a good mom when I am not the one cooking dinner or watching my daughter during the days.  It will feel nice to atleast have some sense of having my own home again to lord over as supreme matriarch of my small family.  I want to bake some freaking cookies and plan a dinner out.  I want to run to the fridge in the middle of the night and grab ice without worrying about being too loud.  I want to make a mess and not worry about it coming across as being disrespectful.  Most of all, I don't want to wear a bra at home.  I want to run around after work in nasty pajamas without worrying that my post baby breasts are offensive to the other family members in the household.  We have been very lucky, but it is time to move on.  I am ready, now we just need to commit and make it happen.


for the new Missoni for Target collection.  I cannot wait to get my  hands on the floral rug!  It is only 30 dollars!  The line opens up mid September.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mad Men Styling

New from Banana Republic...a line inspired by the iconic Mad Men series.  They worked in with Mad Men's constume designer, Janie Bryant to create a line that stays true to the Mad Men style we all love.  Below are some previews of the collection.  I must add...that I picked up a plum colored Banana Republic skirt from the Vintage Vogue yesterday for 8 bux that looks nearly identical to the black and pink ones below.  I wore it with a simple tucked in white tee today, but these images give me more ideas of how to style my new skirt.

Monday, August 8, 2011

China Cabinets

After successfully acquiring a gorgeous vintage desk that I will be using as a vanity in my new house, I am now looking for another piece of furniture.  A china cabinet.  I love the idea of a cabinet that you can store your treasures in and display proudly for all to see.  I envision mine with my tea cup collection, vintage glasses, barware, and nice dinner pieces.  Here are some of my favorites:


I finally picked up my copy of Decorate by Holly Becker of the blog Decor8.  The images pretty much encompass my design style.  It is girly, flirty, whimsical, rustic, cottagy, vintage, and modern...all wrapped into one.  The images are beautiful.  I highly suggest picking this book up!  I also pre-ordered Design*Sponge for the Home, which is coming out in September.  Very much looking forward to that one as well.  These books take me out of my in-laws basement and transcend me to my very own house where I can decorate however I please and make as much noise as I want.  Really missing my old house  and my old things today,, if you can't tell.


Loving the color scheme here .

Dear Home:

I do not have one yet.  I got a raise.  They hubby got a job.  Now we are in crunch time.  Looking for something affordable, yet fulfilling all of our quirky desires.

Must Have:

Washer/Dryer HOOKUP
2 Bedrooms at minimum
closet space
workable to make into a cute home
nice landlord
no prior cat living inside, my allergies would tear me up

Really Want:

Dishwasher (PLEASE!!)
Front and back porch
Hard Wood Floors
Walk In Closet
Two Floors
Country Living

I am in desperate need of my own home.  It is 911 time people.  I am so desperate I made a mood board of my favorite decoration styles and have it displayed in my bedroom.  I have purchased retro pink glasses and an old desk to use as a vanity.  My storage unit is filling up quick.  I am going in the wrong direction here.