Monday, November 21, 2011

The Time has Almost Arrived!

My house is currently being painted and we are moving during the next couple of weeks.  I cannot express the joy that I have in my heart to have my own place again.  I am glad that I had to go without a home.  It gave me the perspective and gratitude to not take the little things for granted.  I have had the chance to find what really makes me happy (Interior Design - Creating - Painting) and I started Rosey to document my process.  I have so much to do and cannot wait to put the house together the way I have envisioned it!  I still want to make a white duvet cover and a slipcover for the ottoman in my bedroom.  I think there will always be little projects that I will want to work on.  I hope that I don't run out of steam and take it for granted again.  Our new home is not large or in the nicest neighborhood, but it is going to look amazing when I am done with it!  It helps that I have such a nice and talented landlady ( who also happens to be a personal friend ) who is painting for me and helping me to make it a gorgeous place to live.  I set the utilities up today.  It is REALLY happening! I will forever have been "Inspired by Living in my In-Laws Basement".  It is where I found myself again.  I am a creative person, who had just lost my sense of purpose for too long.

Antique Mirror Redo

I got this old mirror from the back room of my store.  It had old gold trim around it and I really fell in love with it.  Of course, I can never leave anything alone, so I painted it a teal-blue color.  I left some gold on so that it had an antique, distressed look.  What do you think?  I love it!

DIY Mercury Glass

It is can make your own mercury glass.  Being one of the most popular home decor accessories, and a must for my new home, I decided to try this myself.  The process is one of the simplest things that I have done.  Simply take your glass object and spritz water into the inside.  (FYI, it must be an object with an inside and outside, as the spray paint used must be used on the opposite surface that you want show).  Use "Looking Glass" spray paint from Krylon.  It is the most amazing stuff that I have used from Krylon.  It gives the glass a mirror look.  Spray until you get the look you are going for.  With the water sprayed inside, you can take a plastic bag and blot out spots to give it an aged look. Just play with it.

Christmas Decor

I do many jobs at my jewelry store.  I do the marketing, the sales, the social media, the graphic design, and also I make decorations.  These are some "rose" balls made from tissue paper streamers.  They are really easy to make.  I used a 12 inch section of streamer, folded the width in 1/3. I then rolled the streamers inward to make my flower.  I pinched and twisted at the base and hot glued them to the styrofoam balls.  I used candlestick bases for them.  I also used this technique to cover styrofoam christmas trees.  The result is gorgeous!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scrapbook Christmas Trees

So after doing my storage unit, I had extra scrapbook paper to make these cutie Christmas trees that I have seen all over the blogs.  I assembled mine using a hot glue gun and my glossy Modge Podge.  You can add ribbon, glitter, or whatever you want.  I balled up  a piece of newspaper at the base and hot glued it to the top of a Dollar Store candle stick holder.  I really think these turned out fun!

Storage Revamp

I was sick of looking at the ugly plastic storage dresser sitting in the basement.  I want to incorporate it into my new house decor, possibly as additional closet storage.  It was just too ugly to use as it was though.  I took scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the dresser.  I used glossy Modge Podge to adhere it.  I layered the Modge Podge below the paper, and then did 2 additional layers on top.  Once the dresser was done, it looked really cute...but I didn't quite feel finished.  I had this chandelier ribbon hanging out in my craft box begging to be used.  I made little bows and hot glue gunned the bows to the dresser.   Voila.  To me, it is a hundred times better than before!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So lately I have been thinking about trying my hand at making clothes.  How difficult will this be I wonder?  I have seen so many amazing sequin skirts and shirts and know that I can buy sequin fabric, but how will the finished product end up?  Hmmmmm......

Just my deep thought for the day.

I Love You Anthropologie!

In Love!

With these earrings.  I don't usually go into Chicos, but I saw them in the window and fell in love.  They are amazing on my ears!  I really want them!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chalkboard Window

Pictures of my finished chalkboard window...

before the paint

I really love my chalkboard window!

Toy Box FAIL

I effed up Dahlia's toybox.  I am going to have to sand and redo.  It  looks like poopy on a poopy platter.  Most likely going in a different direction.  I guess my free hand monogram skills are not as good as I thought they were.

I added some ghetto stars as a last ditch effort.  It is hideous.  I am going to just throw all of her toys in it for now because I cannot stand tripping over everything in the living room (yes this is our basement living room pictured).  Once we move I am sanding and starting over.  

Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun trick-or-treating this year!  Dahlia was Elmo, or "Femal-mo" as my hubby called her.  She  was just really excited, although easily sidetracked from the task at hand.  Holidays are so fun with kids