Monday, November 21, 2011

The Time has Almost Arrived!

My house is currently being painted and we are moving during the next couple of weeks.  I cannot express the joy that I have in my heart to have my own place again.  I am glad that I had to go without a home.  It gave me the perspective and gratitude to not take the little things for granted.  I have had the chance to find what really makes me happy (Interior Design - Creating - Painting) and I started Rosey to document my process.  I have so much to do and cannot wait to put the house together the way I have envisioned it!  I still want to make a white duvet cover and a slipcover for the ottoman in my bedroom.  I think there will always be little projects that I will want to work on.  I hope that I don't run out of steam and take it for granted again.  Our new home is not large or in the nicest neighborhood, but it is going to look amazing when I am done with it!  It helps that I have such a nice and talented landlady ( who also happens to be a personal friend ) who is painting for me and helping me to make it a gorgeous place to live.  I set the utilities up today.  It is REALLY happening! I will forever have been "Inspired by Living in my In-Laws Basement".  It is where I found myself again.  I am a creative person, who had just lost my sense of purpose for too long.

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