Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas in October

Since I will be skipping Thanksgiving by moving into our new house, I feel like skipping right over to Christmas and have begun the great hunt for all things I must have to decorate.

Alter of Mercury Glass is absolutely adorable!

This pink Christmas tree has been my Christmas inspiration for years.  I have this picture saved from my old blueprint magazine and will one day pull off the pink tree!

sidenote:  I know that my dear dear momma has loads of these retro ornaments and really hope that she would be willing to part with a box for me.  I have also found gobs on eBay, so we will see what is in store for my Christmas tree.  

Wish List

With all this buying a new car and moving into a new house, I am suffering from the no money blues.  For now, I am thankful for the Internet and the capability to window shop whenever I want. 

Desperately seeking these square edge flutes from Crate and Barrel

Big fluffy pillows

White pintuck duvet cover from West Elm

Rock crystal pendant from Temple St. Clair

Harajuku Mini collection for Dahlia

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Project CrAzY!!

I am going project crazy lately!  This girl (points to self) is moving in 1 month and I am going nutso with DIY projects for our new house.  I made my window is so cute!  I am painting Dahlia's laminate wood toy box.  I did my own take on the pottery barn gothic lantern.  I made more throw pillows.  Below are some images.  I will share with you later more detailed step by steps on things.

I love the way everything is turning out!  I have my white slipcovers ordered for the living room.  I got a great  deal on eBay and saved over 100 dollars!  Really excited to see things coming together.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's a Window...No it's a Chalkboard...

I have been desperately seeking two things lately....a Chalkboard, and an old window.  Both to use as decoration in the new house.  I just found this AMAZING idea to incorporate both.  This is going to the top of my list.  

To Pallet or Not to Pallet

I saw this idea in my Design*Sponge book and was so excited about it.  I just found it again on another blog.

A wood pallet daybed!  To me, this is the most aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous idea known to man.  I may be slightly exaggerating, but I really want to make one to put in Dahlia's room.  Next to her toddler bed.  It can be a guest bed.  From day 1, my dear husband has said "NO PALLETS" in our house.  He thinks they are dangerous and ridden with chemicals.  I just cannot find a way to convince him of the beauty of the pallet daybed.  It has actually become a running joke in our household.  I almost had to pinch myself when I ran across this version today.  Isn't it just the coolest thing ever?  

My original Inspiration from Design*Sponge

There are even pallet coffee tables!


Here is a DIY for a super cute idea to make a designer looking rug.  It is now in the cooker for a new project.  

2 Drunk Mommas

I went out with my VERY best friend Saturday night.  We went to 7 bars in 4 hours.  Not becoming behavior for mothers of young children.  We haven't been out in 3 years, as we were both busy breeding baby girls.  My dear husband was sweet enough to drop us off and pick us up.   It was FUN FUN FUN!  The martinis at Serendipity are so good!  Especially with the blue cheese olives.

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  We even took a hayride.  Hello Fall!

Getting into the Fall Decor

I am living in a basement funk presently.  Desperately wishing I could sleep with the windows open, with mums and pumpkins outside to decorate for the Fall.  This little project got me excited.  It won't work for this year, but next year it will be one of the first things I do at our new house in the Fall.

Painting pumpkins .... genious!