Saturday, October 8, 2011

Book Wreath

I saw a version of this wreath on Etsy and another design blog recently.  It was made slightly differently.  I decided to try my own take on the book wreath.  This was originally the Nicholas Sparks' book "The Wedding".  I started by tearing out all the pages from the book.  "Best thing a Nicholas Sparks book has ever done" says my husband.  I  then folded each page into an accordion.  I then planned to hot glue the pages to the a Styrofoam wreath.  Unfortunately, I got the wrong size glue sticks for my new hot glue gun.  So after that miss, I proceeded to pin the pages onto the wreath.  This took me a couple of hours.  It took some playing with.  I am quite fond of the finished product.  It is ginormous and will look fabulous on a wall in my new house.  I think it would be cool to put a mirror in the center, but unsure how I could do that.

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