Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Home:

I do not have one yet.  I got a raise.  They hubby got a job.  Now we are in crunch time.  Looking for something affordable, yet fulfilling all of our quirky desires.

Must Have:

Washer/Dryer HOOKUP
2 Bedrooms at minimum
closet space
workable to make into a cute home
nice landlord
no prior cat living inside, my allergies would tear me up

Really Want:

Dishwasher (PLEASE!!)
Front and back porch
Hard Wood Floors
Walk In Closet
Two Floors
Country Living

I am in desperate need of my own home.  It is 911 time people.  I am so desperate I made a mood board of my favorite decoration styles and have it displayed in my bedroom.  I have purchased retro pink glasses and an old desk to use as a vanity.  My storage unit is filling up quick.  I am going in the wrong direction here.

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