Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four Years

It feels like I have been working on this afghan for four years. It has been the most time consuming project of all time.  Now that I am at the border, it gets harder and harder for me to want to push through.  The border is all white, and the lack of color is less exciting.  I hope it looks semi-decent when I am done.  I said it would be for Dahlia's room, but...I kind of want to play with it first.  We shall may be an octagon shaped mess when it is completed.   

{the never-ending afghan}


In other was my four year anniversary today.  I woke up  to Dahlia running in the room, JR following, with a bouquet of purple flowers that they went out to get for me. JR had a coffee in hand for me.  Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers and coffee ready to go the second I wake up.  I also got to sleep in which was nice!  Especially since JR has been working so much at the marina.  JR's job is perfect for him.  He works on a marina at a lake.  There is a beach ("beach" on a lake...but who cares) maybe 200 feet from where he works.  Dahlia and I have been going there to make sand castles and play in the waves.  She is getting more comfortable to the idea of floating in water, and kicking. 

{my flowers}

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