Monday, March 28, 2011

I Only Blog When it is Sunny...

I have realized that I lack all motivation to have a Rosey Tea Party when it is cloudy and crappy outside.  I  did do some shopping on Saturday.  Hit up a local favorite, and Target.  By the time I was getting what I really needed at Target, my 13-month old daughter was over shopping.  She decided to throw a massive tantrum after pulling everything off a shelf from the cart.  It was her first toddler tantrum, and I received many of those unpleasant "what is wrong with that mother" looks.  My mother always warned me of retribution coming to me for my many unpleasant episodes as a toddler.  I knew my day was a coming, just didn't know it would come so soon.  

One shop we made it to before the Target meltdown was Cactus Flower.  This store has been a staple of my Bloomington life since I was in college.  It has an amazing wall of sunglasses and jewelry, beautiful boutique dresses, and gorgeous underthingies that could make you look like a pin up girl.  The upstairs is all secondhand.  Very fun to browse through!  

Saturday night was a dinner celebration in honor of the wonderful Mo. Mo has a Wedding and Event Planning company right here in Bloomington, Ashley Weddings and Events. No, her name is not Ashley, but she is fabulous!  On a side note, I have tried several times to make her link work.   Apparently, I am suffering from some problem, and until I figure out how to change it, her link is  

Birthday Girl

Morgan and her hubby (skinny) Justin

Skinny Justin's evil twin brother, Fat Justin

The only picture my husband would let me take of us.  He hates having his picture taken.

Our Hibachi expert at Asuka.

My countdown to spring is here.  To celebrate, I switched over from red wine to white, and dark nail colors for lighter ones.  The new Essie collection is what my nails are craving!  Sand Tropez is perfect for this time of year!  

Happy Monday!!

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