Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Undercover Shopper

What a beautiful day in Bloomington! With 74 degree sunny weather, I got a great dose of vitamin D on my lunch hour. Being Indiana, we have freezing rain and cold temps scheduled for tomorrow, so I relished every moment of the day today.

I decided to do a little undercover shopping at my favorite boutique in Bloomington today. I must say at this point, that it is quite difficult getting away with snapping pictures inside stores.  I felt like a secret agent.  Piace Boutique, pronounced Pee-AH-cheh (meaning "like" in Italian) opened earlier this year on Kirkwood. I have only bought one dress on clearance because it is so damn expensive for my budget. For me, it is a great place to go and dream. If you like the clothes on Mod Cloth you will love Piace.

Jewelry inspiration of the day is beading.  I have been thinking about going to the local bead store in town and stringing myself a big chunky turquoise necklace.  They are perfect for the summer.  

WhimSea Designs on Etsy has these necklaces that really caught my eye. 

Of course you can make whatever kind of beaded chunky necklace you want.  With our without the extra bling.  Happy beading!


  1. Hmmmm...not so sure about the feather trend either. I vote for Hobby Lobby!

  2. The feather in his hair looks like a racoon tail or something.. Ha. Love your blog!