Thursday, June 23, 2011

Editorial Changes

I have been researching many blogs to find a direction that I really want to take Rosey in. My life is fairly chaotic and stressful at times so I need to keep Rosey light-hearted and happy. My guilty pleasures...actuLly I rarely feel any guilt indulging in these topics unless they involve money...are fashion, food, interior design, styling, all things pink, and potential do it yourself project. Rosy has already forced me to really look within myself and find what makes me happy. My first step towards an Oprah induced "ah ha moment". I am attempting to be my authentic self. So what if my authentic self loves pretty, materialistic things. I am planning on dedicating certain days to each of my passions. Will be making a more organized editorial plan and some daily features as well.

Onto a search for a better camera for Rosey...I purchased an $8 kodak camera from the Goodwill today. It may be 6 years old, but the zoom lens will pop out in theory! That is big TIME in my book. So I am awaiting a $3 charger to see if the damn thing works. Would someone really donate a broken camera to the Goodwill?

In a nutshell, my one or two readers a day have a ton to look forward too! A potential working 6 year old camera, and more of me! Ha!!

In other news...this is my sassy authentic Mexican dress I got in Cancun.  I shortened it so it isn't so authentic.

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