Thursday, June 30, 2011


Have had a few bad days lately. Life is not going my way and I am looking for the right path. The thing that has kept me feeling creative and positive is looking at images of gorgeous decor whilst dreaming of my own place one day soon. Below are some of my inspirations, found on my favorite blog Design*Sponge.

These teacups pictured are displayed beautifully. I have acquired a nasty little habit of collecting teacups lately. I want them all to be different. The way I justify this is that I will one day have a tea party...or better yet a Alice In Wonderland themed Dahlia birthday party. I lack the China cabinet of my dreams, and the funds to purchase one, therefore this is a gorgeous way to display my cups and saucers.


Ahhhh where do I begin? My mom is the most AMAZING seamstress, among everything else she does. I never took advantage of learning the craft from her. She tried so hard to teach me, but I was young and dumb. Sewing is my newest conquest. The machine in this image looks so much like my little teal Hello Kitty Janome. I must find it in storage!

The fitted sheets! Where do I find these? I love them!

On aside note, I have been shooting pictures on a borrowed SLR for a week now. I will reveal them soon.

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