Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Always a difficult task for me, is getting my bills and "adult" important documents organized.  When I was left in charge of someone else's social security card, birth certificate, and passport, I realized that I really needed a system to keep everything important together.  I currently use a big, plastic accordion organizer, but it is now in great need of being organized.  I also have a mini accordion organizer for all of my bills.  Both of my accordion organizers are busting at the seams.  I saw this organizer on Martha Stewart and  thought that I would actually want to use a system like this.  

Also from Martha Stewart, this would be great use of my ottoman that has a chest underneath.  Not sure if I am willing to give up that valuable hide-a-way space.  It is one of the few places that my daughter hasn't found yet. 

And this is a DIY accordion-style fabric organizer from Martha.  I can see Dahlia tearing these apart in seconds, as she has many other paper crafting projects I have tried.  

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