Saturday, July 9, 2011


So in my quest to become more creative, I decided to order some fabric and make some throw pillows.  At first I thought I was going to go with Amy Butler, because she is who I used for Dahlia's cribset. 

I was picturing floral patterns for throw pillows for my bedroom.  I have a white down comforter, and my rainbow granny afghan.  I want some colorful pillows to throw some color at the head of the bed.  I opted to go with Heather Bailey.  Her patterns are just what I am looking for.

1. Hello Roses in Olive, 2. Pineapple Brocade in Ice, 3. Pineapple Brocade in PinkyPurple, 4. Picnic Bouquet in Tangerine.  

I am interested to see how they all go together.  I also have a forest green couch in storage, so I kept that in mind when picking a couple of these patterns.  I think that Hello Roses and Picnic Bouquet would look good with my couch.  I do have an interview for a potential good-paying job in the next couple of weeks.  If all goes well, I may be decorating my own place sooner than later.  It has been very therapeutic for me to be forced to live in someone else's home and rely on someone else for shelter.  Something I haven't done since I was in high school.  I have always been very independent in that regard.  I have so many ideas for what I want my new home/apartment/duplex/townhouse to look like when I move in.  It is so great to share my ideas on this blog.  I don't care where I move, even if it is a dump, I am confident that I can spruce it up quite nicely.  Pink always makes things better!  

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