Friday, July 15, 2011

Undercover Shopper

Today on my lunch hour I traveled down the street to an amazing furniture/clothing store called Relish.  This has been one of my favorite stores in Bloomington for a long time!  The thing I love most about Relish is the unique furniture they carry.  Today, I hit the mother freaking jackpot!  This hottie sales guy came up to me and asked if I needed help.  I was admiring this amazing cabinet, picturing my teacups and gold flatware and all the other stuff that I want inside of it.

Of course, the price is the equivalent of my one month salary....that is another story though.  As I was adoring the cabinet, hottie salesguy offers to show me the Relish Warehouse where they have a ton of other pieces stored that aren't on the floor.  Of course, I had to give off the impression that I could afford this furniture.  He even let me take pictures!  I had the best time in the warehouse!   My pictures are taken with my iPhone, but they are comparable to my circa Goodwill camera that I use for everything else, so you most likely won't notice a difference.  

These were my favorite pieces:

Each piece I saw, I saw in my future home.  The doors were the best thing I saw!  They were so unique and amazing.  They would be an amazing headboard if done right.  It was so much fun shopping at Relish!  Even if it was just in an imaginary, pretending I had money kind of way.  One day, when I get that job I have been looking for, I will buy a piece of furniture from Relish!

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