Monday, July 11, 2011

Trip to my Parents House

Why did I never appreciate my parent's house until now?

My mom is an avid collector of all things vintage and beautiful.  I really see, the older that I get, how similar we are in so many ways.  I adore looking at her china cabinets full of porcelain teacups, and saucers.  She has 
collected older bowls and cups from the fifties that she displays in her gorgeous kitchen.  Going home for the weekend, I couldn't help but notice how much detail she has paid to arranging everything in such a gorgeous way.  Their home was her grandfather's house, it is a beautiful Victorian style house.  The coolest thing is that there is an elevator in their house that was built special for my great-grandmother, who was wheelchair bound.  The house has been maintained in it's original style for most part.  It really feels like you are traveling into a Vintage wonderland when you see it.  


  1. Oh such fun to see all the lovelies you have posted. Your Mom sounds fascinating!

  2. Thank you! She is an amazing woman! Thank you for coming to my blog :)