Thursday, September 15, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Anna Spiro has the perfect job!  Next to being a full-time creative person like Jessica Swift (below). She runs the interior retail store Black and Spiro and has a blog full of fun images that make you crave her goodies!  

I do run an independent jewelry store in the best part of one of the coolest towns in the United States, my opinion atleast.  I love retail, and recently have been dreaming of running an interior store.  My town only has a couple, and they are stale, or over-priced.  I would love to refinish thrift store furniture finds, and sell textiles and linens and all kinds of goodies.  I would of course have to have a teacup section....because I love my teacups!

I may as well call this "dream a little dream" day.  Our budget is tight, the day has been full of stress, and I need as much fun dreaming as I can handle today.  So please bear with me.

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