Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Daily Inspiration

Gray walls, white couch, the trunk in the center as a coffee table.  These images are via Decor8.  

The desk to the left is similar to the one that I purchased recently and plan to use as a vanity.  My desk is darker wood and very antique.  My momma-in-law took me over to her mom's house today and showed me an absolutely perfect chair that I am going to pair up with my vanity.  The chair is hard to describe so I will have to take a picture and post when I can.  I will sum it up as pretty much the most perfect, amazing chair that I have ever seen. 

what a great idea for an entryway!  I always hate a house where people wear their shoes.  I would prefer that shoes are taken off at the front door.  This shoe basket would be very inviting to a no-shoe policy.  Knowing my husband, a rule like this will never fly.  I have tried before.  Plus, he doesn't wear cute, girly shoes so the basket would not look this nice.  

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