Friday, September 16, 2011

Salvaged Furniture

The basement of my 100-year old jewelry store is a virtual playland of old furniture.  I shot these pieces that I want to bring with me to my new abode and refinish into gorgeous pieces to keep forever.   I have a good inclination that my amazing boss will let me have the bench, I just need to ask. 

The bench is my #1 pick.  I want to use it in my studio.  I can envision keeping the same color scheme, but just with a new coat of paint.  I can see baskets stacked below full of craft and art supplies.

Old desk.  AMAZING!  Most likely way too heavy to move.  It will just have to stay buried under cardboard boxes for now.

There are boulders and rocks coming out of our basement like this one all along a wall.  It looks like a tunnel.  

I had dibs on the doors.  The owner of the building thinks they may one day need them so they will sit here unused and unloved for eternity.  Please Olympus Properties...can I have a door?  I want an old door headboard oh so bad!

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