Monday, September 19, 2011

What I Have Been Up To

I had a great weekend with Dahlia. My hubby worked all weekend so I didn't see him much.  I had a great night Sunday night when I had a short but oh so sweet visit from my childhood best friend Rachel.  It is hard to describe my friendship with Rachel to others.  Growing up, she was the closest thing to a sister that I could have ever had.  We were practically next door neighbors and she was the one that I spent every day with growing up.  We used to write and perform little musicals for no one in particular.  We were so silly and lived in such an unbelievably fun imaginary land.  It would be so nice to go back to that play land for a day.  We were so innocent.  

This was Rachel and I with another childhood friend (center) back in the day.  I am on the left, Rachel is on the right.  We had such a sweet style as little girls.  

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