Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Living Room

It has been about a week since my last post.  I have been crazy busy creating every night.  Plus, baby Dahlia hasn't wanted to go to sleep very early which really creeps into my blogging and creating time.  I have really been refining my living room wish list.  I am going to break it down for you in some inspiring images that I have seen lately and match my plans.

Via Show & Tell I found massive inspiration.  I already had the white slipcovers, gray walls, colorful pillows pinned down.  Once I went to her blog today, I found the rug that I have been wanting.  A Jute rug.  

Better picture is here.  My only concern is that my wood floors will be too light.  

Now this image I have featured before.  It also has the white couch and slipcovers.  The other elements that it has that I want to incorporate are the blue lamps, and bamboo shades.  I also want white sheer curtains.  

This is the clean pallet that I am working with.  My only concern is the windows.  Do I put six or eight sheer white panels in?  

The other side of the wall needs an entryway table.  Looking constantly for the perfect piece of furniture.  I hope to find something before we move that will fit on the wall, but not be too wide.  Ideally, I would put a mirror above, but Show&Tell takes a more decorative approach.

So those are my ideas.  What do you think??

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