Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretty much the BIGGEST news EVER

I will no longer be inspired by living in my in-laws basement.  After over a year of living with no windows, I will be moving into a 50's style bungalow with my little family at the beginning of December.  It will be just in time to  enjoy a Christmas tree in our own home as a family.  I have so many plans for this home.  My mind is spinning with all the ideas that I have been inspired by this past year.  In the next couple months, I will work through each room, and what I plan to do to it.  Below are some images of the my future home.  It is currently being lived in by a single mother and really is not given justice by these pictures.  I will just call these the "before" pictures.

Living Room.  I love the hardwood floors and the gorgeous corner window.  My mind is flowing with window treatments for this gorgeous space. Looking into fabrics to make curtains at the moment.  This spot will also be perfect for our Christmas tree.  

The two images above are of the dining nook in the kitchen.  Again, there is great light and windows.  

The kitchen has gorgeous countertops.  Another reason I chose this house.  The house will be updated with darker paint on the cabinets and possibly new hardware as well before move in.

Arched doorway to the bedrooms and bathroom.

Bathroom has great stone-like paneling behind the shower.  The sink is very cute too.  

I love this door!

Shelving that will be painted white.  This is part of my future studio in the basement.  

Arched doorway from kitchen to living room.  

BIG yard!  Great space for an outdoor party, or even an outdoor area.  I am seeing paper lanterns, a big long wooden table, and spiked lemonade.  

The back of the house.  It is a light yellow.  


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